SPECTRUM  AC LED Street lights are well known for trust quality with better prices and most suitable for the applications like  Industries, warehouses, the lights are equipped with Good quality inputs to ensure the reliable product warranty.


Input Power -18/24/40/45/50/65/70/90/110/130/150/175/200/240W.

  • BIS Approved drivers.
  • Input voltage 100-280V, 50Hz.
  • Power factor > 0.9, CRI > 70
  • LED output  efficacy:-  150lm/watt
  • THD < 10%, Efficiency :-  90%
  • 10KV external surge protection
  • System output efficacy :-  110lm/watt.
  • LED –OSRAM :- 3-5W ( High power)
  • PC Lenses., IP 66 casing.
  • LM80,TM21 Approved  international brand LED,s
  • IES-LM 79 Report from CPRI and UL labs.
  • Product BIS R-62002151
  • Warranty – 2 years.
WattageProduct nameProduct code LumensCCT
18WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL18WCW1800lm5700-6000K
24WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL24WCW2400lm5700-6000K
40WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL40WCW4000lm5700-6000K
45WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL45WCW4500lm5700-6000K
50WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL50WCW5000lm5700-6000K
65WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL65WCW6600lm5700-6000K
70WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL70WCW7000lm5700-6000K
90WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL90WCW9000lm5700-6000K
110WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL110WCW11000lm5700-6000K
130WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL130WCW13000lm5700-6000K
150WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL150WCW15000lm5700-6000K
175WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL175WCW17500lm5700-6000K
200WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL200WCW20000lm5700-6000K
240WAC LED  street light.STV13LSL240WCW24000lm5700-6000K