SPECTRUM Led Beelite

SPECTRUM Led Beelite (Design Patented)

SPECTRUM Beelite is LED Lantern built specially for the rural applications, this has the four side s LED lighting which resembles the tube light, this product is built on the principle that one should feel the true presence of light in their hands at an affordable prices.

  • Input : 230v AC
  • Adopter : 5V 1Amp
  • Input Charging: Compatible for both 5V Adopter & 3W 6V solar pane
  • Battery Details: LG/SAMSUNG 2.6Ah Lithium-Ion
  • Product Weight: 400 gms
  • Product Dimension: 115 x 115 x 172 mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year *
  • 1st Press, 100% Illumination in 1 side
  • 2nd Press, 100% Illumination in 2 sides
  • 3rd Press, 100% Illumination in 3 sides 4th Press, 100% Illumination in 4 sides
  • 5th Press, 50% Illumination in all four sides
  • 6th Press, 50% illumination in 1 side
  • 7th Press, Switch OFF the light


Wattage Product Name Part Number Remarks
3W Beelite with 5V adopter STV02BLYL01 With 5V Adopter
3W Beelite with 3W Solar Panel STV02BLYL02 with Solar Panel