SPECTRUM –Milkyway LED Back Light Panels-surface Mount.

SPECTRUM  Panel lights are Ideal for integrated ceiling lights, the addition of surface mounting covers to the panel light will provide the soft ambient illumination with a unique design in nature.



  • Input Power: 3W/6W/9W/12W/15W/20W/24W
  • Input voltage: 90-270V, 50Hz
  • High-quality diffuser and aluminum heat sink
  • PF > 0.9, LM80 LED
  • High efficiency > 85%, THD < 20%.
  • Working temperature: -10 to +40 Degree
  • Surge protection from 2.5KV
  • Lumens: 90-100Lm/watt.
  • Indoor application only.
  • Mounting: Recessed .
  • Warranty: 2 years.
Wattage Serial No.Product Size Cut out Size.
3W-Round /Square STV6ESPR PM03WCW85x85x14 mm75×75 mm
6W-Round /Square STV6ESPR PM06WCW120x120x14 mm100×100 mm
9W-Round /Square STV6ESPR PM09WCW120x120x14 mm100×100 mm
12W-Round /Square STV6ESPR PM12WCW165x165x14 mm150×150 mm
15W-Round /Square STV6ESPR PM15WCW165x165x14 mm150×150 mm
20W-Round /Square STV6ESPR PM20WCW225x225x14 mm200×200 mm
24W-Round /Square STV6ESPR PM24WCW300x300x14 mm275×275 mm