SPECTRUM LED Milky way Eco Cob spot lights

SPECTRUM LED COB spot lights are Ideal for integrated ceiling lights, the products are designed to meet good lumens output with pleasant light as required for the applications like jewellery shops, hotels, restaurants and offices.

COB Down lights

  • Input voltage 100-280V,50Hz
  • High quality reflectors with aluminium body
  • PF> 0.9, LM80 COB LED
  • High efficiency
  • Surge protection from 2.5KV
  • COB LED with LM80.
  • Warranty:- 2 years *


Wattage Serial No. Product Size Cut out Size.
3W-Round STV6ECDR PM03WCW 68 mm 56 mm
5W-Round STV6CDR PM05WCW 86 mm 70 mm
10W-Round STV6CDR PM10WCW 110 mm 90 mm
15W-Round STV6CDR PM15WCW 140 mm 120 mm