SPECTRUM Penguinlite (Design Patented)

SPECTRUM Penguinlite are unique designed emergency lamps having the variety of lighting options inbuilt. This product built on the principle that one should feel the presence of real penguin. The product will be more use full like… Emergency lamp/Gifting purpose and showcase product.

  • Input : 230v AC
  • Adopter : 5V 1Amp
  • Input Charging: Compatible for both 5V Adopter & 3W 6V solar pane
  • Battery Details: LG/SAMSUNG 2.6Ah Lithium-Ion
  • Product Weight: 350 gms
  • Product Dimension: 125 x 153 x 274 mm
  • Warranty: 1 Year *
  • 6 Hrs. in 50% Illuminations.
  • 2.45 Hrs. in 100% Illuminations.
  • 18 Hrs. in study light mode -100% light.
  • 30 Hrs. in Bed lamp-50% light.


Wattage Product Name Part Number Remarks
3W Penguin light with 5V adopter STV01PNBK01 With 5V Adopter