SPECTRUM LED Street Lights – 12V DC

SPECTRUM DC street lights are well known for trust quality with better prices and most suitable for the applications like streets and public places.

Street Lights – 12V DC

  • BIS Approved driver.
  • In built charge controller
  • CRI > 70
  • LED output efficacy:- 140Lm/watt
  • Efficiency :- > 85%
  • System output efficacy :- > 100lm/watt.
  • PC Lenses.
  • LM80, TM21 Approved international brand LED’s
  • IP Rating-IP 66


Wattage Product name Part number LED Colour
14W LED-14W 12V DC street light with CC STV21DLSL14WCW Cool white/Warm white
20W LED-20W 12V DC street light with CC STV21DLSL20WCW Cool white/Warm white
32W LED-32W 12V DC street light with CC STV21DLSL32WCW Cool white/Warm white
40W LED-40W 12V DC street light with CC STV21DLSL40WCW Cool white/Warm white